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Ecommerce Platform Migration

Is your online business growth curbed by system restrictions till a point that it can’t be outgrown anymore to gain any more flexibility? Perhaps you’re working with a proprietary system whose constraints have fenced you in for too long, and you want the flexibility that comes with a more modern platform. The reasons can be working with a proprietary system with boundary limitations and compatibility to support modern platform capabilities and necessity for migration becomes the need of the day. NIVI has got you covered with your migration process with custom requirements as per the Customers’ needs and demands. Being conscientious in identifying the best platform put together a game plan to move all your important data. Our wide array of technical expertise for working with all specialised E-commerce platforms aids for a smoother Migration.

  • Znode 9.0
  • Magento Cloud Commerce
  • Magento 2
  • Artifi- Product Customization

Managed Support and Services

NIVI does not stop its services after provisioning of solution platform to Customers but also aids in managed IT services scale to meet the needs of the growing online business. Our end-to-end IT management services include expert-level Strategic Consulting, on-site or remote IT Management services, 24×7 remote Help Desk support, Cloud-based tools and technologies, and Information Security solutions. Our support services also manage analysis of digital footprint management, website conversion, and reduction of bounce rate, improving social presence which all prospers to increased sales, improved business expansion and providing a competitive edge in the industry.

NIVI Solution| Services| Managed Support and Services
NIVI Solution| Services| Cross Platform Integration

Cross Platform Integration

Blistering with its vast experience in seamless cross platform integration, NIVI ensures semantic cataloguing of available data sets; corresponding business metadata that provides details about data elements definitions and structures and associated business rules needed to enable data integration processes.  With support and expertise for all major ERP integration services, NIVI has also developed its own proprietary integration services which seamlessly integrates Znode or Magento with any ERP system including SAP, Epicore and Microsoft Dynamics

Some of our core expertise in ERP integration services includes but not limited to

  • Order Push from Commerce to ERP
  • Order Status Pull/Push to Commerce from ERP
  • Shipment pull/push to commerce from ERP
  • RMA
  • Customer Push
  • Customer Sync
  • Quote Push
  • Quote Sync
  • Offline Order Sync
  • Offline Invoice Sync
  • Price Sync from ERP to Commerce System


Inventory Sync from ERP to Comers System



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